Historic Downtown Walking Tour

31 Stops
Duration: 00:45:00
Distance: 2011

Looking to learn a bit about Fallon's history while getting some fresh air? This is the tour for you!

How To Use This Tour:

Upon starting this tour and allowing it to use your location, it will place you on a map with the Douglass House (10 S. Carson Street) selected. We suggest navigating there, either by your preferred method or the in-app directions (using the arrow inside the diamond near the bottom of your screen). However, you can visit any stops in any order you choose!

To see more about the selected stop, tap the ^ symbol in the lower right hand corner of your screen. That will bring up the information screen that describes the history of the house and shows additional photos. Press the x in the upper right or your device's back button to return to the main map.

To select another stop, you can either tap the pin or use the left and right arrows in the toolbar near the bottom of the screen. Tapping an arrow will highlight the pin, showing you where to go. As the stops are all fairly close together, we suggest navigating in the map screen, rather than with the directions feature.

As long as the tour is running and you have notifications enabled, your device will notify you as you approach a stop. However, this does not automatically select the stop on the tour.

We hope you enjoy this walking tour of downtown Fallon!

Tour is currently in beta and we are working on making it a smoother experience!

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